Today in the city Ocean Breeze 19.03.2018

See the incredible 57-year evolution of US spacesuits — and new models that will soon protect NASA astronauts

Space may be the final frontier, but it's also inaccessible — and deadly — to human beings without a good spacesuit. For 57 years, NASA and US companies have met the call to protect high-f...

Police Dashcam Shows Mobile Home Explosion

An explosion at a mobile home park in Cypress was caught on camera, and police were able to rescue someone from inside moments before. The incident happened on Lincoln Avenue Thursday afternoon. Cypre...

Mauritius president resigns amid financial misconduct claims

The president of the Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius, Africa's only female head of state, has resigned amid a financial scandal.

Oksana Masters: from Chernobyl to Pyeongchang Paralympics golds

Born with defects attributed to radiation from Chernobyl, the skier will be taking two gold medals home to the US woman who adopted herAfter finally winning a first Paralympic gold medal in Pyeongchan...

Acidifying oceans could hit the very base of the ocean's food web

The bedrock of the ocean's food chain, on which whales, sharks, and octopi ultimately rely, are tiny bits of photosynthetic algae called diatoms. They come in thousands of shapes and are imperceptible...

Oceania Cruises joins four other lines in offering free Wi-Fi

Cruise ships have spent the past two decades trying to figure out how to keep us connected to the internet while we're at sea, with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, they often charge a fortu...

Falcon Heavy central core crashing into the ocean

The center core of the space X heavy hits the ocean at 300 mph.. only 1 of the 3 engines required to slow the section fired..

Adidas sold 1 million shoes made out of ocean plastic in 2017

Adidas launched three new versions of its UltraBoost shoe last year made out of plastic found in the ocean.

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